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Atsarang Mangga Recipe is the BESTEREST!

Atsarang Mangga Recipe is the BESTEREST!

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In the Philippines, According to, Guimaras is the youngest and smallest of the six component provinces of the Western Visayas Region (Region 6). Known as the "Mango Country", Guimaras Island has 8,000 hectares of mango orchards managed by corporations and individual growers.

So amazing, right?! By the way, have you tried their Atsarang Mangga? If not yet, here are the ingredients and easy steps:

For the syrup:

2 cups sugar
1 cup vinegar
2 tablespoons ginger juice
a dash of cayenne pepper
a dash of salt
*you can also add a bit of water if the syrup is too heavy.
**for the ginger juice, you may use a garlic press to get the juice out of the ginger.

unripe mango
sibuyas tagalog or shallots
green and red bell pepper
a jar or a 16oz bottle

first off is the syrup. in a saucepan, boil sugar and vinegar mix. add cayenne pepper and the ginger juice once sugar liquefies. set aside and let it cool.

once the syrup is cool, prepare all the other ingredients except for the unripe mango which we will save for last. peeled mangoes, if left in the open for a while, will have dark marks all over it. for the red and green bell pepper, slice pepper into half, seed it and slice diagonally. for the carrot, you can julienne it or slice it into round flowery objects. once everything is ready, peel the mangoes and slice it. slice both the cheeks off and slice the cheeks diagonally or longitudinally.

once everything is prepared and sliced, jar the mangoes and place the garlic, sibuyas tagalog and the sliced red and bell pepper (more of the green bell pepper than the red variety). once packed in the bottle, pour in the syrup using a funnel. put the lid on the bottle and set it aside for an hour or until the mangoes have partly absorbed the syrup. refill the bottle with syrup and refrigerate. Store for four or five days. (Source)

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