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Oreo New Flavor has been announced

Oreo New Flavor has been announced

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According to ijreview.com the new oreo flavor has been announced.

read ijreview post below:

Introducing… Red Velvet:
red velvet 2

With a cream cheese flavor filling and red velvet flavored cookies, this new variety appears to be unstoppable.
Today.com got to try it and had nothing but good things to say about the “cream cheese-y” Oreo, including its fanciness:
“They made me feel fancy. There’s something very decadent for me about eating Oreos and the red velvet-cocoa flavor rather than the straight-up chocolate flavor felt a little more subtle and sophisticated.
That said, I would still inhale a whole package of them with milk, if left to my own devices.”
But what came before? And were they any good? Here’s a list from most delicious to what-the-heck-were-they-thinking:
1. Peanut Butter Cup
peanut butter cup oreo

An obvious decision. Why not combine two greats?
2. Marshmallow Crispy
marshmallow crispy oreo

Odd, but daring and admirable.
3. Cookie dough
cookies dough oreo

Perhaps overdoing the cookie part (altogether, it’s the “Cookie Dough Oreo Cookie”), but still impressive.
4. Banana Split
banana split oreo

It worked for Dippin’ Dots, anyway.
5. Winter
winter oreo

The flavor is the same but penguins are cool.

6. Halloween
halloween oreo

Same idea.
7. Pumpkin Spice
pumpkin spice oreo

Why does everything have to have a Pumpkin Spice flavor?
8. Fruit Punch
fruit punch oreo

At least they only did this once.
9. Limeade
limeade oreo

10. Watermelon
watermelon oreo


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