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#1 Restaurant in Cebu: Casa Verde!

#1 Restaurant in Cebu: Casa Verde!

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From one of the best app for food review: looloo, read this:

photo: casa verde facebook

Surprisingly, a lechon place isn’t the place reviewers chose as the top-rated restaurant in Cebu! Casa Verde is such an established name in the Cebu foodie scene that their recent expansion into Manila has met equal, if not more, success than back home. They’re probably best known for the gargantuan servings of Brian’s Ribs (though have you seen their Mighty Ton burger??), but almost every other item on the menu is worth trying as well. The best part though, is that attempting such a huge feat doesn’t necessarily mean burning an equally large hole in your wallet!
if you're in Cebu right now, don't forget to try their recipe or meal especially gargantuan serving of Brian's Rib.

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