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Atsarang Papaya (Pickled Green Papaya) Recipe

Atsarang Papaya (Pickled Green Papaya) Recipe

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This tangy relish is a perfect complement to barbeque dishes, fried chicken and fish. The sweetness or sourness of the sugar-vinegar  mixture depends on the concentration and type of vinegar you are using. The ratio of the sugar to vinegar in this recipe maybe too sweet for you but if this happen then you add more vinegar. But if it sour, then add sugar. Once you've got your desired taste, then remember the sugar-vinegar ratio as well as the brand and type vinegar you have used.

Atsarang Papaya Ingredients:
1 whole piece papaya (1kg)-make sure that you use the green ones which are firm and not about to be ripen.
2 cups    white vinegar
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
1 large    carrot (cut into strips sliced crosswise)
1 head     garlic (peeled)
2 tablespoon ginger cut into strips
20 pieces red shallot (whole and peeled)
2 pieces red bell pepper (cut into strips)
5 tablespoon salt               
Atsarang Papaya Cooking Procedure:
1. Peel papaya, remove the seeds and shred into strips.
2. Mix 5 talespoon of salt with shredded papaya to help bring out its juice. To further remove its juice, squeeze it with the aid
of cheese cloth (katsa). Rinse papaya with water and once more squeeze to remove water.  Put papaya in a stainless basin together
with the carrots, garlic, ginger strips, red shallots and bell pepper . Set aside.
3. Now prepare the pickle solution. In a sauce pan, put the vinegar and dissolve the 2 kinds of sugar in and bring it to boil for
about 2~3 minutes. Stir occasionally until sugar is dissolve.
4. Pour solution on the basin containing the ingredients. Set aside and let it cool.
5. Artistically arrange shredded papaya, carrot, garlic, ginger strips, red shallots and bell pepper with the solution in glass
jars. Refrigerate.
6. Best serve when it is cold.
(Note: If  you want to add more vinegar-sugar solution, just follow the ratio: 1 cup of sugar for every cup of vinegar)

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